About Me

I am a middle school Spanish teacher in my 11th year working for the Baltimore City Public School System.  I worked for three years at the (now defunct) William H. Lemmel Middle School and have worked for the last eight at Roland Park Elementary/Middle School.  Having served several years as a BTU Building Representative, I am familiar with the workings of our Union.  More importantly, as an active member of this Union I have seen the myriad ways in which its leadership has failed to adequately stand up for teachers and BTU-affiliated professionals.  As the President of our Union I will:

Restore transparency and democracy to the Union by:

  • Conducting frequent online surveys to gauge members’ concerns, publicizing the Union’s “asks” during negotiations so that everyone knows what’s on the table, and communicating with members throughout my entire term
  • Increasing the frequency of General Membership meetings to at least four annually
  • Setting aside time on every BTU Building Rep. meeting agenda to allow Reps to express concerns

Push back against district and state policies that hurt teachers and students, such as requiring excessive standardized testing by:

  • Publicly decrying policies that endanger our schools via news media
  • Lobbying legislators on behalf of our Union and organizing the membership to come together and make decisions about education, our area of expertise, rather than allowing lawmakers to do this without our input

Fix the broken teacher evaluation system by:

  • Advocating for a contract that protects teachers from being punished for working in difficult schools
  • Demanding fair observation rubrics and a contract that outlines what effectiveness looks like for staff that play various roles (counselor, etc.)

Attract and retain great educators by:

  • Blocking attempts to cut health insurance benefits and pay
  • Restoring the ability to receive pay increases for furthering one’s education
  • Insisting that measures to make schools safer are incorporated into the new contract, such as updates to the Code of Conduct

I will use my voice to amplify yours.  Please reach out so we can work together.

My Contact Information:

Join my campaign Facebook group, “Vote Mooney for BTU President.”

Email:  Please send your questions and concerns to kmooney6@alumni.jh.edu.  I look forward to hearing from you!

My school system email is KMMooney@bcps.k12.md.us but I’d like to reserve this inbox space for my students and their parents.

LinkedIn:  You can connect with me and find my professional profile here.

Please check the “Updates” section for the most recent news on the BTU election.